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Räumchen is not just an event organizer of festivals, open airs, music-, game- and movie events. Furthermore we offer you a variety of our own quality products. Räumchen presents 2Twinz. We also produce electronic music and here we are enjoying man-made (synthesized) freedom. And the best of all, with our revenues we will support aid projects and non-profit organizations such as “M.U.K.E. e.V”, the children hospice “Bärenherz Stiftung” (Bears Heart Foundation) and Malteser. And more will follow!




How did we found us?


Everything started in a small room, called “Räumchen“. In this room with 2 turntables, one mixer unit and just a few vinyl’s a group of Dj’s came together. From spontaneous party’s to the sense and will for more – the motivation was music, art and the feeling of freedom. It’s the so called “Räumchen”, where we felt comfortable, far away from stress – where we could unfold ourselves. We’d like you to be part of this community, a part of “Räumchen”. Our events we share with you, the party people, the artists and those individuals will only awaken because of YOU! Right here you can dream. Be part of it!